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Limited-Edition Blackcurrant & Birch Bitters

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Brand-new for the holidays, Limited-Edition Blackcurrant & Birch Bitters are launching in October 2021. Free Pour Jenny's has added another Yukon flavour profile to her Yukon bitters collection! Like all of the company's products, these bitters are handcrafted in small batches.

Limited-Edition Blackcurrant & Birch Bitters are made with heaps of Yukon-grown blackcurrants, and artisan birch syrup from Uncle Berwyn's Yukon Birch Syrup near Dawson City, Yukon Territory. These bitters have an earthy, warm, mineral, and fruity taste with a bitter kick!

Try adding a taste of the Yukon to your next cocktail, perhaps an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or martini.

Ingredients: Yukon-grown blackcurrants, alcohol, bittering agents, spices, Yukon birch syrup

Packaged in a 100 ml amber glass bottle with a glass tube dropper.